Downtown Fargo Chalk Fest

Remember those summers as a kid filled with popsicles and side walk chalk?
Well this morning, artist McCal Joy and myself were each handed a box of chalk and told that we could go wild.
And of course, we had a blast! McCal rendered a colorful Bison while I illustrated a whimsical Jackelope.

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

It’d been a while since either of us had had a chance to pick up chalk and color to our hearts content.
But let me tell you, it comes back to you like riding a bike. And you too, can come and add the colors of
your imagination to the streets of downtown Fargo at Chalk Fest happening tonight at the Great Norther Bike Co.!

Jackelope by Bree ReetzMcCal Joy & Bree Reetz Chalk Fest Bison & Jackelope on a bike

4 thoughts on “Downtown Fargo Chalk Fest

  1. Very nice Bree, You can decorate my concrete anytime. It is almost as nice as the mural that you and Shane did for my wall, but not as permanent. Do my concrete with paint sticks please. I really love it.

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