New Blog & Website!

With the encouragement of my husband, Shane, I created my first blog post on June 24th, 2009. By that time I had already filled my family’s vintage airloom trunk full of personal and emotional drawings. With the beginning of my blog, my creative thinking began to change in a subtle but important way that allowed my work to blossom from it’s cathartic roots of scattered loose paper into collected and completed projects on my blog.


For the past 7 years you’ve followed my work as it has grown and evolved over time and I’ll continue to share my process with you on Instagram, my events with you on Facebook, my life with you on my new blog, and my portfolio with you on my new website.

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Thanks for following me to bigger and better things!

Much Ado About Nothing


I recently created the illustration and design for
Capitol Shakespeare’s 2016 performance of Much Ado About Nothing.


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including work in progress shots featuring this illustration.

New Video!

I’m delighted to share this punchy video my kick-ass video expert husband put together of my creative process. I love our creative partnership. Seriously though, watch me pen slingin’ and flingin’ some paint around as I complete a stylish drawing from scratch.

Style Reflections | Illustrations by Bree Reetz

Bree Reetz Illustration 11
A T-shirt girl longing for summer. Style Reflection Illustrated by Bree Reetz
Bree Reetz Illustration 8
Skeptical about embracing lavender as trending. Style Reflection Illustrated by Bree Reetz
Bree Reetz Illustration 9
Ready to take on the challenge. Style Reflection Illustrated by Bree Reetz
Bree Reetz Illustration 10
It’s a rare few who can shrug into a citron sweater and feel comfortable in their own skin. Style Reflection Illustrated by Bree Reetz


Good bye 2015!

My favorite series to come out of this year has been my adventure partner series.

My husband and I grew up in the same neck of the woods geographically but wouldn’t meet each other until high school. But we’re convinced that had we known each other back in those days, we would’ve been inseparable. The first illustration I did in the adventure series imagines us exploring together in a slightly Wes Anderson style. I’m still in love with that illustration, and from what I’ve heard, so are many of you. So I was inspired to keep imagining our adventures and illustrating them. If you follow my work closely you’ve already seen some of this work. But I’m proud to wrap up this series as we wrap up this year.




Illustration by Bree Reetz

In 2016 I look forward to creating more whimsical bodies of work that echo themes, characters, colors, or style. Creating sets of illustrations that are harmonious together is a goal I’m already striving for as we enter into the new year. But you know me, illustration is my passion. I’m always striving to push myself and my work.

And so we’ll close out the year with a set of meaningful quotes from 2015 that I hand painted in bubble-gum (or what I like to call) power pink.

Friedrich Nietzsche Quote Lettering by Bree Reetz

lettering by Bree Reetz - The national quote

lettering by Bree Reetz - Simone Beavoir

lettering by Bree Reetz - Do it or don't

Presenting Shakespeare 1,100 Posters From Around The World

“Just as centuries of theatrical artists have reimagined his works through the lens of their own time and culture, so too have illustrators and designers.

Presenting Shakespeare is the first book ever to showcase theater posters for Shakespeare’s plays. The posters have been designed by an international roster of artists representing 56 countries, from Japan to Columbia, India, Russia, Israel, and New Zealand to England and the United States and beyond.”

“This stunning selection of the best in Shakespeare posters from the nineteenth century to the present was chosen from the collections of museums, theaters, and individuals.”

And I’m honored to say that the poster I designed and illustrated for Capitol Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth was sought out and featured in this publication’s broad and beautiful collection of international posters representing Shakespeare’s plays.