Sketches at Hotdog Pet Salon!

I had a really great time sketching pooches at Hotdog yesterday! Anyone who missed out should know: I’ll be taking orders for pet sketches until the end of March for 15$ per dog (plus shipping.)

DSC_0290_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0381_1000px_poodusdotcomDSC_0316_1000px_poodusdotcomDSC_0289_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0328_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0378_1000px_poodusdotcom


Lately, I’ve had some trouble sleeping. My mind gets going at night when I’m laying there trying to sleep. So recently I’ve started the habit of just getting out of bed when that happens. Then I’ll listen to an audio book and just sketch whatever I want. This is a product of that late night habit. I’ll be in touch.