Esther Quek


Illustration by Bree Reetz

Disclaimer, I will sound unusually fan-girlish in this post. But allow me to tell you… I find Esther Quek’s fashion sensibilities inspiring. She embodies something that I’ve always tried to implement in my own sense of fashion. Her sense of somewhat androgynous clothing is powerfully dandy with it’s ties, snappy suits and coats. But that’s not all, her use of color, texture and shape is remarkable. The way she pairs her pieces shows her natural sense for fashion that is much larger than the trend grabbing fashion of so many. This picture of her emulates what I’m talking about. I’m not a purple person, but she creates a rich palette in this outfit, that even I can appreciate, ranging from deep petunia to plumb. The drape of each layer creates a gorgeous silhouette while the various cuts and textures create visual interest. And thus, I was inspired to illustrate it and share it with you. Cheers, Esther, stay stylish!

blue eyed indians

This post is for my best friend. We’ve been friends for somewhere around 12 years, this makes us something closer to sisters. And sometimes instead of having conversations we read each other’s minds. Anyway, back when we were about ten we had a real passion for Native American culture. We romped around in the woods from early spring till late fall playing Indians. We checked out stacks of books from the library in order to learn how to sew ourselves moccasins so that we wouldn’t make a sound tromping through dry leaves in the woods. We used herbs to make tea. One year my grandma sewed us both Indian costumes. Though we knew they were far from authentic we still wore them out all the time, sticking feathers in our hair and spinning fantastic adventures between the two of us as
two blue eyed Indians.