Mural in Progress Prt. Two




This is prt. 2 of my mural painting process. It felt so good to start getting that paint on the walls. It was at this point that I started realizing just how many hours I would be sinking into this project. I’d lose track of time while painting word after word and realize that somehow hours had passed and I’d forgotten to eat anything. Now that’s what I call a state of flow. Stay tuned for prt. 3 where you’ll really be able to see it all coming together.

Alley Fair 2014

I’ve been invited to install an art piece on an unexpected canvas at Alley Fair 2014. Stop by between 11-7 to see my art in progress!


Alley Fair will continue the dumpster art project to create and display public art in alleyways. During the event, artist, Bree Reetz and designer, Jordan Nelson will be creating original works of art during the event.

The swell of extraordinary artists and makers’ in the Fargo area will set up shop with their unique and unexpected goods. From trinkets to treasures, the Artist and Markers’ Market is Fargo’s own alley emporium.

Saturday, September 20th 11am – 7pm (free)

Alleyway south of Main Ave, between 9th and 10th St South –  enter on 9th St