New Video!

I’m delighted to share this punchy video my kick-ass video expert husband put together of my creative process. I love our creative partnership. Seriously though, watch me pen slingin’ and flingin’ some paint around as I complete a stylish drawing from scratch.

Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote Illustration by Bree Reetz

We had a chance to go see Hiatus Kaiyote perform in person on May 12th at Fineline in Minneapolis. Everything about the show was great, the music is so full of life and it always leaves me feeling empowered. Nai Palm poured herself out for the show with killer vocals and genuine smiles. And she’s got great style as well, I couldn’t resist drawing a portrait. Check out the music for yourself, it’s been swingin’ in my speakers and my soul.


You are who you are, and it’s important to recognize that and to explore those obsessions, rather than to think “I have to do something different” — Mary Ellen Mark


We just got back from a 5 day camping trip in the Boundary Waters. Out in the wilderness with friends, drinking water from the lake, listening to water rush down rapids and crash over falls, with loons singing us to sleep at night, paddling more miles than I knew I was capable of, carrying a pack that weighed nearly as much as I did over more than one portage where mosquitos wanted my blood, and being baked like an apple pie out in the sun out on the canoe, watching for eagles in the tips of trees, and trying to memorize the shapes of all the huge rocks that looked like geometric teeth leaning out over the water. It was quite the adventure!