Imagination Exercise at Elim Children’s Center

 Imagination Exercise with Bree ReetzElim-Childrens-Center2

I was invited to Elim Children’s Center to give a little talk about being an artist. We talked about how artists never stop using their imagination, that drawing requires practice, and that when you combine observational drawing with imagination – you get style. They learned how to draw a stylized sleepy cat, a dog, and a pigeon over watercolor. The results were fantastic! I wish you could see each up close, because each drawing has it’s own personality!


BreeReetzStoryTimeIt’s been a while since I’ve been in school, but today I got to join in on class with my charming nephew Will for story-time! These kids got a sneak peak of the picture book I’ve been working on and the whole class was a great test audience! They had some good questions and I really enjoyed being able to show them my process video so that they could get a better understanding of how I used both my hands and my mouse when I made the illustrations for this book.

Kegs & Canvas | Fowlers Heritage Company 2014


Photos by Shane Reetz.

Highlights from Kegs & Canvas at Fowlers Heritage Company

Surrounded by adorable clothing, sipping a caramel latte from Stumbeanos, and playing with watercolors. I had the opportunity to meet and greet many of the people coming through – one of them was new to the area and looking to get into the art scene, another went through the Graphic Design & Communications programs at BSC and had heard about my work through one of my professors, friends and family stopped by to share smiles and hugs, and others were mostly there for the hard cider. Fowlers was a fun location to draw, the ambiance was great and the company was even better.