New Video!

I’m delighted to share this punchy video my kick-ass video expert husband put together of my creative process. I love our creative partnership. Seriously though, watch me pen slingin’ and flingin’ some paint around as I complete a stylish drawing from scratch.

Muse by Bree Reetz for Modern Textiles


Recognize my style above? That’s because this bison is part of a
new line of whimsical animal panels that I’ve created for Modern
Want to get your hands on my first publicly available
illustrated fabric panels? Get these new high quality 100% cotton
illustrated fabric panels here. Read their recent blog post and find
out more about my line Muse for Modern Textiles and our on-going
collaboration. When you you take a closer look, you will even
discover great tutorials that guide you through each project step by
step. There’s so much sewing fun to be had with these illustrated
panels! I hope this finds you inspired to make things. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 3.30.54 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 3.41.24 PM

Gorilla Illustration

Gorilla Illustration by Bree Reetz

Shane and I recently explored the Como Zoo & Conservatory. One of the first animals I saw, was a gorilla. As we watched him lumber his way down the side of the hill, I silently willed him to come closer. And to my astonishment, not only did he come closer, he came right up to our viewing area, sat down and looked out at us with thoughtful eyes, his chin in his hand. I waved shyly and then leaned over to Shane and said, “I hope he likes people watching.”

Speaking of Zoos, Radiolab did an interesting podcast episode about Zoos that you should listen to. I for one, will never look at a Gorilla the same way again.

Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote Illustration by Bree Reetz

We had a chance to go see Hiatus Kaiyote perform in person on May 12th at Fineline in Minneapolis. Everything about the show was great, the music is so full of life and it always leaves me feeling empowered. Nai Palm poured herself out for the show with killer vocals and genuine smiles. And she’s got great style as well, I couldn’t resist drawing a portrait. Check out the music for yourself, it’s been swingin’ in my speakers and my soul.

Sketches at Hotdog Pet Salon!

I had a really great time sketching pooches at Hotdog yesterday! Anyone who missed out should know: I’ll be taking orders for pet sketches until the end of March for 15$ per dog (plus shipping.)

DSC_0290_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0381_1000px_poodusdotcomDSC_0316_1000px_poodusdotcomDSC_0289_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0328_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0378_1000px_poodusdotcom



As an illustrator, it probably won’t come as a great surprise that I draw a lot more than I post online.I have a huge archive of sketches in various phases of completion. Today I was looking through my archive for the past couple of months and I founda few sketches to share with you. Sometimes I throw away a lot of my unfinished work, but there’s also a lot that I keep for myself. I kept each of these sketches for different reasons. And even though to my eye they’re not really finished, they each capture just a little something that I might want to come back to for inspiration. So this is a series of sketches straight out of the sketch book. I hope you find something inspiring in them too.



Recently I read Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. I was struck by her beautiful writing. I even found myself reading parts out loud just to taste the words on my lips. Though I couldn’t always relate to the lead character, at the end when she was describing her happy marriage I found my favorite point of connection with the story. I’d never heard it put quite like this before, so I had to share it with you as I can whole heartedly claim this about my own happily ever after. I hope you enjoy my vector illustration as well as the quote!


Rowan Illustration by Bree Reetz

It was my pleasure to capture the glint in Rowan’s friendly eyes. His parents commissioned a personal illustration of him to commemorate his first birthday. He seemed to be always on the verge of smiling, what a charmer!