Mural Part One



I was asked to do a mural installation in the Others Shop downtown Fargo to help welcome people into the door. This is my first post showing you the very beginning of the process. This awe inspiring blank wall is a whopping 8×32′ big!  I’ve done some mural work before but this was the largest canvas I’ve ever had. I decided I didn’t want to do this one solo and so I convinced my artist friend Sam Gunderson to collaborate. And thank goodness I did. Not only did he bring another valuable perspective – he also brought an old projector. This project would have been infinitely more difficult without that lovely old projector. If you ever see one snatch it up – it’s gold, simply gold, my friends! In this post you can see the lines beginning to come together on the wall in pencil. This script font was entirely hand rendered and designed by yours truly. Stay tuned for more!