Alley Fair 2014

I’ve been invited to install an art piece on an unexpected canvas at Alley Fair 2014. Stop by between 11-7 to see my art in progress!


Alley Fair will continue the dumpster art project to create and display public art in alleyways. During the event, artist, Bree Reetz and designer, Jordan Nelson will be creating original works of art during the event.

The swell of extraordinary artists and makers’ in the Fargo area will set up shop with their unique and unexpected goods. From trinkets to treasures, the Artist and Markers’ Market is Fargo’s own alley emporium.

Saturday, September 20th 11am – 7pm (free)

Alleyway south of Main Ave, between 9th and 10th St South –  enter on 9th St


Fargo Film Festival 2014

Fargo Film Festival Poster created by Bree Reetz

Take a moment and let me share with you, my inspiration in the creation of this piece.

This american life did a tribute episode for their friend and contributor,
David Rakoff. Since he’d appeared on the show no less than 25 times,
I was familiar with and fond of his audio presence.

But what moved me to tears, was a powerful quote from his book
“Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish” that he finished
recorded less than two weeks before he died of cancer. And I’d
encourage you to listen to that episode because the quality of his voice as
it rasps through a weary body makes this quote even more poignant
(if that’s possible)…

It was sadness that gripped him, far more than the fear

That, if facing the truth he had maybe a year.

When poetic phrases like “eyes, look your last”

Become true, all you want is to stay, to hold fast.

A new, fierce attachment to all of his world

Now pierced him, it stabbed like a diety-hurled

Lightning bolt lancing him, sent from above,

Left him giddy and tearful. It felt like young love.

He’d thought of himself as uniquely proficient

At seeing, but now that sense felt insufficient.

He wanted to grab, to posses, to devour

To eat with his eyes, how he needed that power.”

And this quote, heard on the last breaths of a dying
man really speak to me about life.

And the powerful beauty of participating in
life and the world around us.

And I felt like creating this poster for
the film festival was a great chance
to celebrate this idea,

He wanted to grab, to posses, to devour

To eat with his eyes, how he needed that power.”

This idea is important not only to artists who area creating work
that reflects their experience and perception, but to the viewers who get
to devour a look at the world through another person’s eyes as well.