dear can we go for an adventure?

I want to touch beauty 

with my fingertips

but the birds always seem to fly

just out of reach

that doesn’t stop me from trying though

I carry all of the moments

in my pocket at one time

and they make music with my spare change


I’ll keep my dancing shoes on

for times like these

just in case

you never know

what will happen when you step out your door

and that look of faraway, faraway clouded her eyes.....

uploading time: forever and a day

I just felt the need to state: That I really do have a ton of artsy stuff that I could and would like to put on here. It may take me forever to get it all up here though.

I’m hoping that in time, the categories will get fat and that you will feel inclined to click on your point of interest and see all there is to see on that particular subject.

Until then, I suppose you’ll probably end up looking at what I put up day by day which may or may not be chronologically accurate. [hhhmmm] But that’s fine too, actually I’m just really excited that I can share it with you and that you seem to be interested (since you’re still reading.) [smiles.] I do wish I were more clever about this. Oh well, hopefully you’re up for the adventure.