Bree Reetz Featured In The HPR



A big thanks to Diane Miller, the editor at the HPR for writing a very flattering article about me and my work as an illustrator. It was great to pick up this week’s issue and find my poster design for the Fargo Film Festival on the front cover along with elements of my illustration throughout! If you’d like to read the article about me and don’t have access to the physical copy, you can read it online here! 

Wolftree Magazine



Wolftree magazine is a quarterly publication that features those who are taking risks,
fully experiencing the journey of life, and continually seeking the beauty that is
woven into the simple pleasures of everyday life. I’m honored to say my husband Shane and I
are going to be featured as a creative couple in Wolftree Volume II!


Come to the Plains Art Museum at 7pm tomorrow to learn more about Wolftree
and the artists (Including me) featured in the upcoming issue.

Sketches at Hotdog Pet Salon!

I had a really great time sketching pooches at Hotdog yesterday! Anyone who missed out should know: I’ll be taking orders for pet sketches until the end of March for 15$ per dog (plus shipping.)

DSC_0290_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0381_1000px_poodusdotcomDSC_0316_1000px_poodusdotcomDSC_0289_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0328_1000px_poodusdotcom DSC_0378_1000px_poodusdotcom



As an illustrator, it probably won’t come as a great surprise that I draw a lot more than I post online.I have a huge archive of sketches in various phases of completion. Today I was looking through my archive for the past couple of months and I founda few sketches to share with you. Sometimes I throw away a lot of my unfinished work, but there’s also a lot that I keep for myself. I kept each of these sketches for different reasons. And even though to my eye they’re not really finished, they each capture just a little something that I might want to come back to for inspiration. So this is a series of sketches straight out of the sketch book. I hope you find something inspiring in them too.


Hard to believe a new year is already under way!
Well I’m kicking it off by starting up my own shop!
Keep your eyes peeled, as I’m adding new illustrations daily.


Drawing at the Art & Ale Walk 2012

Last night I had tons of fun sipping hard cider and drawing at Proper & Prim for Fargo’s first annual Art & Ale Walk. Lots of people came through to try out the hard cider, it was the perfect drink for a fall evening. Nearly everyone who saw my work had something really nice to say about it. It was fun to see people light up as they enjoyed not only my art but the cute clothes and accessories throughout the store. Proper & Prim was a great location to draw as it was well lit, and I was always surrounded with the warm smiles of good company. Many people were surprised when I explained that most of my work is digital fine art. They were able to see how my drawings usually start out as line work in pen or pencil with more or less shading depending on the piece. I explained how  the next step is scanning them into my computer where I add paper and photo textures and apply many layers of color. To me there’s really no limit to the tools that could be used to create art, I’ve done plenty of napkin sketches. But I love the ability to work with many layers, and sometimes I spend hours tweaking colors and rearranging visual effects to achieve the specific look I want digitally. The question that people always ask is wether my pieces are portraits of someone specific. The answer is usually, no they’re not. I spend a lot of time people watching. And, funny as it may sound, I collect features and proportions from the people that I see and keep them in my memory. So, any given drawing might be loosely based on a pose from a photo, with the haircut of someone I saw at the cafe, with the nose of someone who used to babysit me, and the eyes of the stranger who held the door open a few minutes ago. As I said all that out loud, I’m sure someone was envisioning frankenstein, but everyone smiled and nodded politely. My sweet heart of a sister stopped by later in the evening, and brought me something to keep my hands warm. A yummy coffee from, my home away from home, the Red Raven Espresso Parlor. She always knows how to make me smile. My wonderful hubby took some photos so you all can pretend like you were there. Enjoy & thanks for reading!


blue eyed indians

This post is for my best friend. We’ve been friends for somewhere around 12 years, this makes us something closer to sisters. And sometimes instead of having conversations we read each other’s minds. Anyway, back when we were about ten we had a real passion for Native American culture. We romped around in the woods from early spring till late fall playing Indians. We checked out stacks of books from the library in order to learn how to sew ourselves moccasins so that we wouldn’t make a sound tromping through dry leaves in the woods. We used herbs to make tea. One year my grandma sewed us both Indian costumes. Though we knew they were far from authentic we still wore them out all the time, sticking feathers in our hair and spinning fantastic adventures between the two of us as
two blue eyed Indians.

shakin’ my tin can for stories

…a collection of sounds that have spent some time dancing around in my head
and pretty soon found their way skipping or howling forth from my lips.
They are all pretty raw (my bird Luna can occasionally be heard playing with bells,
singing along and flying around my room) and many of them are even improv
(no plans, just hitting record and letting loose, generally late at night when I should be sleeping.)
From my lips to your ears, hope you enjoy the SUNSHINE!
And if you’re lookin’  to listen to it on your own music playing device…  get a free download.

making paper

Today my sister and I bonded over some paper making!

Here’s how you do it:

1. collect all used paper and tear it into small pieces

2. soak paper in water and make it into pulp (we found using a blender works best)

3. use a deckle and put all that pulp into one nice little square

4. use drying methods like sponges, towels, fans, and ironing to dry your paper

Tada! Pretty and unique paper! Smiles.

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