4 thoughts on “dancer

  1. The thing that I like most is the dimensionality of the neck and shoulders. It’s there and in the hidden right arm that this drawing is three dimensional. The rest of the drawing is flat and two dimensional – I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but the twisting dimensionality of the torso against the flat colors and facial features give the drawing a sort of half pushing, half pulling quality that creates a slight feeling of movement. Also: The colors are pretty. Also: The hair is fun. Also: The hands are very nice – they look like hands and not like cartoon drawings of hands.

    1. Insightful comment. :) I’m not sure if I thought about it in the words that you just described it in as I drew, but I would say that most of it is intentional.
      I don’t draw for reality, for reality I could take a picture. I draw for a mood, an attitude, a quality that allows the mind to wander and paint it’s own picture.
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment, I appreciate the feedback.

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