Lately, I’ve had some trouble sleeping. My mind gets going at night when I’m laying there trying to sleep. So recently I’ve started the habit of just getting out of bed when that happens. Then I’ll listen to an audio book and just sketch whatever I want. This is a product of that late night habit. I’ll be in touch.

3 thoughts on “Howard

  1. Waking up at night might be a sign of good health. In the past, it was common for people to sleep in two four hour segments, with a period of quiet wakefulness, about an hour long, between the two periods of sleep. This time was often used for doing creative things, reading, or having sex. In our culture we often assume that waking up is a bad thing, but there’s really no reason for that assumption.

    P.S. Who is Howard? Someone real, or someone you made up?

    1. Interesting, thanks for the info, I’d never heard that before. :)

      I drew him up one night and everyone who saw him said he looked like a Howard.

      1. You replied quickly! I really enjoy your art, and I really feel that it’s improving. I feel that every new piece of yours is your best one yet.

        Warm thoughts. :)

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