8 thoughts on “Okay

  1. Hey Bree,

    let me know if I’ve got her character right.

    – Ari

    : : : : :


    People don’t see Samantha that often and certainly not on a regular basis. She weaves between her circles of friends like wind through the city. Whenever she appears, it is to be an event. Her attendance at any gathering is regarded by those who have met her as a sign that that night will be something special.

    As much as she enjoys the fancy parties which people constantly beg her to attend, Samantha knows to keep them at an arms distance. She knows the only way they will keep begging is if she always leaves them wanting more. Even when Samantha is with her friends she is always careful to leave soon enough to ensure that she is missed.

    Few people know Samantha truly well and she has worked very hard to keep it that way. Of those select few, the one person who knows her the best is her older brother, Anthony. Anthony is one of those few people who has ever caught a glimpse of the scared little girl who hides behind Samantha’s cool eyes.

    For this reason Samantha is always torn in two. Samantha knows that Anthony can still see the little girl, who still clings onto her older brother for protection, and every time she sees her brother Samantha is reminded of the girl she has tried so hard to forget. However, she knows that without Anthony she would be swept away like the wind through the city into a whirlwind of special gatherings and meaningless parties, nothing more than a scared little girl alone in a big city.

    : : : : :

    1. Ari, your eloquent summary is strikingly close to the personality that haunted me as I drew this picture. Thank you so much, for gracing this lady with such a profound description. You are welcome to tell me what you see behind the eyes of any of my portraits. :)

      1. Oh, I would love to. these are inspired characters which you have drawn and I would be honored to share my impression of them. Hope to see you soon.

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