Illustrated by Bree Reetz

“Bree, thanks so much for the hard work you did on Bella’s book. Your imagination and abstract thinking are what makes you who you are and I can’t wait to work with you again. The publisher keeps raving how gorgeous the illustrations are as well. So very happy with how it turned out.”

— Alison Larson-Smith


When my sister and I were young my parents always read us stories before bed. My mind would wonder with each page, weaving it’s own story in between the words. I loved creating whimsical illustrations for this story that captivate the eye with each line. Illustrating a children’s story book has always been a dream of mine.

Just published, this story features Bella Contessa who is a competitor for the title of World’s Smallest Horse. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Bella’s book benefit the Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue. You can buy your own copy of “Big Hearted Bella Finds a Friend” here.

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