shakin’ my tin can for stories

…a collection of sounds that have spent some time dancing around in my head
and pretty soon found their way skipping or howling forth from my lips.
They are all pretty raw (my bird Luna can occasionally be heard playing with bells,
singing along and flying around my room) and many of them are even improv
(no plans, just hitting record and letting loose, generally late at night when I should be sleeping.)
From my lips to your ears, hope you enjoy the SUNSHINE!
And if you’re lookin’  to listen to it on your own music playing device…  get a free download.

2 thoughts on “shakin’ my tin can for stories

  1. Bree, your music is absolutely beautiful. My fav song is ENJOY. Today was the first day in about a week that the sun greeted us in San Francisco. I burned your music to a CD and listened in the car with the sun roof pushed back and a few friends tagging along. Everyone was smiling and enjoying your music very much, like a soundtrack to a really great day. -Gregg

    1. Gregg, thanks for the feedback! I really like the idea of my music being enjoyed in some sunshine. “like a soundtrack to a really great day” – I can’t think of a better compliment. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Here’s hopin’ you have more days filled with sunshine in the very near future!

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